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Summer holidays in Chatel,  the French Alps

Summer in Chatel is a great place to be for all members of the family. The Ski lifts reopen in late June and are available to take mountain bikers and walkers to the tops of the mountains for a leisurely walk or thrilling mountain bike ride back down into the valleys.

Summer Pursuits in Chatel
Chatel offers gentle sports and pursuits such as Mountain walking, tennis, and swimming in the Olympic size outdoor pool in the centre of the village or for the more adventurous why not try one of the following:

  • Mountain biking: on Chatels own world class downhill runs, or cross country runs into 14 villages in France and
  • White water rafting: and hydrospeeding on the river Dranse where the water flow is not dependent on rain, the water is a good height every day due to a dam release upstream at Morzine
  • Canyoning: at Neon near Morzine where the entrance to the Canyon is reached by a 120 foot free abseil from a Bridge over the Canyon, and after numerous slides and jumps along the path of the Canyon you finish with a 75 foot abseil down a waterfall.
  • Paragliding: how about a tandem flight over Chatel. Throughout the summer you will see the Tandem Gliders performing above you heads whooing you to have a go.
  • Via Ferrata: is available down the valley at Richbourg, if you are a keen climber ,why not try one of the pre
    prepared routes with all its protection already in place.


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The shores of Lake Geneva offer an outside resort at Thonon with diving boards which allow you to plunge into the warm waters of the lake from a great height , or why not try the indoor swimming park with all its waterslides and features at St Gin-golph.
There are numerous boat trips and a regular waterbus service which will take you to any point around the edge of the lake.